Eik / Turkish-Egyptian Business Council, on October 20, 2011 in Istanbul Mercantile Exchange between 09:30-12:00 hours of the Minister of Industry of Egypt Mr. Dr. Yazkar a who attended the meeting held with the participation of Mahmoud Eisa.P. Chairman of the board Cem Yazıcı and sales mdr.Mustafa Yazıcı, Minister Of Industry Of Egypt Dr. Mahmoud had a bilateral meeting with Eisa and expressed their expectations about the commercial vehicle –train air conditioning and cooling market and investment in Egypt.

Minister Of Industry Of Egypt Dr. Mahmoud Eisa said If you have problems in Egypt, find me immediately and the ministry card and personal cardinıda giving, he quickly said that he will produce a solution. Dr. Mahmoud Eisa Yazkar A with his beautiful style.P. yi stated that they wanted to see Egypt.