Within the scope of the modernization of TCDD-TUVASAŞ E14.000 vehicles ,the joint venture ÖZBIR-YAVUZLAR-MEDEL-(SAVASAŞ) partnership has undertaken the contract for air conditioning supply of this project YAZKAR KLIMA A.P. they did it with.

E14, 000 vehicles to be operated in and between cities throughout Turkey will be air conditioned with YAZKAR air conditioners.

When this modernization project is completed, this project will be the face flux of the joint venture and the air conditioning project of Yazkar.

SAKARYA University Teknokent R & D activities into new company yazkar yazkar Technopolis R & D center Information Technology Joint Stock Company, based in Sakarya, they'll add new values to this joint venture with the company involved in this project, and then yazkar R & D's own rail system air conditioners are designed by engineers, Sakarya and will continue to be the pride of Turkey.