Istanbul Fair Center 03-05-March-2016)

(6. Eurasia Rail) train Fair, Transport, Maritime and Communication Minister Binali YILDIRIM, Süleyman KARAMAN, TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız attended.

TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız congratulated Cem Yazıcı for being the local manufacturer of YAZKAR air conditioner and for producing the world's thinnest metro air conditioner for EGO-Ankaray and 35 kw power air conditioner for transportation in IBB Istanbul.

YAZKAR stand BARACLI Secretary General Hayri IMM, Istanbul General Manager of Transportation, November, HAPPY, IMM the head of the rail, let alone Balcıoğlu, Tüdemsaş general manager, Yildiray KOCARSLAN Tülomsaş Wisdom director general OZTURK Stop-stops and the chairman of the board of directors Durmaray Hüseyin Civan, Ahmet and thank you to all the visitors from the board of directors.