Commercial vehicle air conditioners in passenger transportation, Train-Metro-Trolley- High Speed Train, air conditioners in rail systems, refrigerated case-insulation of vehicles used in cold chain transportation, food products, cold storage devices, frigo boxes that prevent the breaking of the cold chain, It is a company that designs and installs cold storage for storage.

TCDD, TUVASAŞ, ANKARAEGO, TULOMSAS, METROISTANBUL, EUROWAGON, DH, TRC, HYUNDAIROTEM, DURMAZLAR, BOZANKAYA, ASELSAN, BAYKAR, Train and Rail system air conditioners for metropolitan municipalities; Bus air conditioners for IETT and Private Public buses affiliated to Istanbul and Ankara Municipalities, and to Other Metropolitan Municipalities; BMC manufactures IVECO bus-minibus air conditioners for export, cabin air conditioners for Mercedes AXOR export trucks.

Our company, YAZKAR A.Ş., which produces air conditioners and coolers for the Land - Sea - Railways. It continues to break grounds by starting the production of Diesel Coolers.

It has been serving the Defense Industry as a supplier of Armored Vehicle air conditioners for many years.

YAZKAR, which will transform the defense and aerospace sector in Turkey has become a pioneer of local and national momentum that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV bikers and SIH) For the air-conditioning system has been designed and produced.

YAZKAR is a company specialized in the design of simulation and analysis software tools and HVAC system.

YAZKAR A.Ş. Istanbul Center 1000 m² and Sakarya Factory 10.000 m² closed and open area, CE - Dın, En - ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14 000, ISO 50001, TSE 18500 and IRIS International Quality Certificates, it is the authoritative and technological fabrication production company of the sector. Our production facilities have a capacity of at least 5,000 units per year.

It serves as a global brand with 78 domestic sales and 15 abroad sales.

The YAZKAR brand was established in 1991 with the entrepreneurial spirit of the YAZICI family.

YAZKAR is the dynamic leader of its sector's vision organization with its total quality understanding and technical infrastructure it uses.

YAZKAR develops controller, inverter and software in the YAZKAR ARGE TECHNOLOGY and COMPOSITION company established in Sakarya University Technopolis.

YAZKAR produces 15 models of Vehicle Cold Storage Devices as well as 17 models of Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioners, 15 models of Train and Light Rail system air conditioners as a result of the R&D and test studies carried out within its own structure. The sheet metal, stainless (304 quality) and aluminum body parts of the devices are cut and shaped in laser, CNC machines and pass through all kinds of corrosion resistant paint processes. The parts that make up the external aesthetic appearance and the housing covers of the devices are completely designed by our engineers and are printed from durable plastic (ABS) and FRP material. At every point, devices produced by the inspection of Quality Control personnel are presented to the customer.

YAZKAR products are currently at the service of our customers in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Jordan, Egypt and Algeria.

Our goal is to always remain young and dynamic in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, as the authoritarian-technology industry of today and the future.