Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality-Istanbul Transportation A.P. his company, Sirkeci - Atatürk Airport M1 line ABB vehicles, 104 units of air conditioning the people of Istanbul air conditioning project is implemented with the contract with YAZKAR. Deliveries of air conditioners designed in accordance with ISTANBUL climate conditions will begin in December 2015.

YAZKAR air conditioning cooling system established 21 years ago in IstanbulP. his company produces air conditioning systems for rail systems and commercial vehicles in 75 cities in our country as well as sales-service services and exports to dozens of countries. Operational in 2014, 2nd ed. With its new factory, Yazkar continues its investments and activities in its new factory together with its Istanbul - Ikitelli facilities, anticipating developments in rail systems in particular years ago.

TCCD - TUVASAŞ the most recent capital of Turkey is ANKARA B.P.Yazkar,whose municipality Ankaray-EGOyu climates the people of Ankara with 132 units of air conditioning, is an air conditioner manufacturer from Istanbul, which will air conditioning the people of Istanbul and Istanbul, the commercial capital of Turkey.